Short Story of Braga Street

Have you been to Bandung especially Jalan Braga / Braga Street? If you do, you will familiar with the photos that I will post here. Braga is one of my favourite streets/places in Bandung. It has a classic and antique impression. Because there are indeed many old buildings there that have become historical heritages so that they cannot be changed arbitrarily.


As I said before, because of the classic and antique impression it’s become an attraction to a lot of people including tourists. Every day a lot of people will visit this street just for a walk or taking some picture. It becoming more crowded because a lot of cafes, restaurant, and place for hangout has been opened there.

This place called Hangover. Now Hangover is a place for hangout and drinks some beers. But it was a normal cafe for people to eat ( right photo ). Yes, now in Braga a lot of cafes serve a beer or alcoholic beverage for customers. That is another reason why a lot of people coming to Braga these days.

I found those photos very interesting and colorful. It was taken outside an alley. That alley was the way to the residency of the citizens in Braga. I guess some of them sell a painting, open food stall or other which I didn’t know in detail.

painter braga

This man is one of the painters who sells his painting in Braga. Every day he will display all his paintings by hanging them in the building door which always closed. And sometimes he will paint some of his paintings there. And he can draw a sketch of people if you wanted to.

Not only a cafe and restaurant, but you can also find some painting stores there with a lot of types of painting. You can take around to find your favorite one. But, if you didn’t want to buy any, you can just walk around to enjoying the view.

It’s always fun and enjoyable when you hang out in Braga. Even though sometimes it’s really crowded.

sepeda antik

You also can find some traditional souvenirs such as a puppet from the woods with traditional dresses. And some antiques such as bikes or vase. They sell in-store at Braga or you can buy it on the sidewalk because there’s a little seller who sells souvenir in sidewalks too.

While you there, you might be want to sit down on the bench and enjoying the warmth of the sun.

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