View From The Top

View from the top that can blow your mind and take your breath away.

I’ve flown a lot to many regions. But I never once felt bored to see view from the top. Even though we are on the same earth. But we are in different parts of the world. So that the sky that covers us will also be different. And it is very interesting.


This is what makes me like travelling by plane. What I can see up there, is not something that can be seen every day with both eyes. Some people may prefer to shoot using drones or similar tools. But for me taking pictures using a camera or cellphone would be more fun. Not only is it simpler but it can be more efficient. Because these photos can be edited immediately and posted on social media.

Medan, 2013

You might think that the object in the sky will be very boring. Because there are only clouds, the sun, and of course the sky. However, have you ever tried shooting at a different angle or in various weather conditions? I have taken a lot of photos on a sunny day. But haven’t take a photo when it’s raining, snowy or some other weather condition. I plan to do it in the future if it’s possible to do. Because the flight always depends on the weather conditions.

Bangkok, 2017

Medan, 2018

This is some of photos that I taken while on a plane in multiple time and location. And up until now, I always though it’s really amazing.

I hope I can capture another view from top soon, to complete all my collection.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you like and enjoy it. See you 🙂

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  1. Panda

    cakep foto-fotonya kak…

    1. Mariska Simbolon

      terima kasih banyak kak 🙂

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