Shoot Products At Home

Shoot products at home actually isn’t a big deal. A lot of people already doing this. But, I shoot products at home is because I got bored from lockdown. Being lock in a same place for a quite long time This time I did it without extra prop or lighting. So, I just used available lighting and prop.

Part. 1 Shoot At Bathroom

This was one of the interesting places to take some photos. Because my camera can get wet and damaged.

For this stage, I’m just simply keeping my shower running and putting the shampoo and facewash on the floor. And shoot directly from the top.

It might be not safe as it seems. But it’s quite fun and challenging. If you are interested try this at home. Please be careful. You might wet your camera or maybe broke it.

Part. 2 Shoot At Window

So these photos are literally only used products and lights from the window. It’s more simple and neat compared to the bathroom one. And of course safer.

I love this part. The result was as I expected. And it may be not that great. But, I’m still happy with the result. It’s a completely fun photoshoot.

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